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options); } So you can use the transformer with a string of code (not a file) Now you can apply the transformations "ES5 to ES6" /** * Apply All transformations */ applyTransformations Releasing es6 and es5 sources with npm Ask Question I am developing two node packages registered with npm, and using es6 syntax. Each package has only one es6 module exporting a single

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Es5 vs es6 ES 5 vs. ES 6? Well What is ES 5 and what is ES6. And should I even bother learning ES5 anyway now that ES 6 is out now. If ES5 is just eight old ...

Raw curried.es5.js function curried ( fn ) { var args = Array . prototype . slice . call call ( arguments , 0 ))); } } Raw curried.es6.js function curried ( fn , args ) { return ( ..

Converting react from es5 to es6 Ask Question 0 1 I am converting an existing react project from es5 to es6. I have babel-preset-react. When I add es6 to myFile.js I get error: Unexpected MobX Edit This Page ES5 / ES6 / syntax Moved here ariya/ Last active Aug 29, 2015 Star 0 Fork 0 Code Revisions 3 Embed Download ZIP ES5 and ES6 parser Raw es5parser requires esprima 1.x and exports as es5parser.

Reduce ES5 / ES6 Raw reduce.js // reduce boils down a list of values into a single value // var callback = function (previousValue, currentValue, index, array) { // return previousValue Raw es5.js Renderer . prototype . image = function ( href , title , text ) { var out = ' ' : ' > ' ; return out; }; Raw es6.js Renderer . prototype . image = function ( href , title , text 3 • Public • Published 2 years ago Readme 2 Dependencies 26 Dependents 8 Versions es6-templates Compiles JavaScript written using template strings to use ES5-compatible syntax. For Sign up ES6 Symbol polyfill in pure ES5 es es5 es6 symbol es6-symbol polyfill ponyfill js implementation harmony harmony-symbol js-symbol es-symbol 14 commits es5-shim es5-shim.js and es5-shim.min.js monkey-patch a JavaScript context to contain all EcmaScript 5 methods that can be faithfully emulated with a legacy JavaScript engine. Note: As es5 Sign up ES6 equivalent implimentation in ES5 for old JavaScript engines es6 es5 implementation js es6-polyfill es6-promise es6-classes es6-javascript polyfill ES5 vs. ES6: Functions Zac Heisey Follow Feb 2 Functions in ES5 There are two ways to write functions in ES5, and both variations produce essentially the same outcome. In a Function // ES5 var x = 0; // ES6 let x = 0; Constant declaration ES6 introduced the const keyword, which cannot be redeclared or reassigned, but is not immutable. // ES6 const CONST_IDENTIFIER = 0; Sign up Javascript ES6 feature comparisons with ES5 javascript es6 es6-javascript es5 es5-javascript comparison reference ecmascript 1 commit 1 branch 0 releases Fetching contributors Sign up ES5 vs ES6 Reference… ecmascript6 es6 javascript es5 comparison compare-data reference syntax promise 38 commits 1 branch 0 releases Fetching Watch 0 Star 0 Fork 0 saivarunk/es6-demo Code Issues 0 Pull requests 0 Projects 0 Insights Sign up es5 1 commit 1 branch 0 releases Fetching contributors HTML 45.7% CSS 44.4% JavaScript

Transpile ES6 to ES5 with es6-transpiler Issues with the output should be reported on the es6-transpiler issue tracker. Install $ npm install --save-dev gulp-es6-transpiler Usage var gulp ES6 See how cleaner and more concise your JavaScript code can look and start coding in ES6 now 0 ECMAScript 5 — syntactic sugar: reduced | traditional // only in ES5 through the help of Sign up A collection of sweet.js macros that implement ES6 features for ES5 56 commits 2 branches 0 releases Fetching contributors BSD-2-Clause JavaScript 100.0% Branch: master New pull ES5 vs ES6 Promises Ask Question 15 2 I wanna know whether JS promises were a part of es5? If so, why it doesn't work sometimes in older browsers and we have to add a polyfill for the same.

es6-error An easily-extendable error class for use with ES6 classes (or ES5, if you so choose). Tested in Node 4.0, Chrome, and Firefox. Why? I made this because I wanted to be able to Additionally, es5-shim should be loaded before es6-shim . For node.js, io.js, or any npm-managed workflow (this is the recommended method): npm install es6-shim Alternative methods React es5 vs es6 Ask Question 2 I have been trying to learn React with Redux the past couple of weeks. I can't seem to pass down an action as a property correctly as when I run it I get a es6-spread Compiles JavaScript written using ES6 spread syntax to use the equivalent ES5 code. For example, this spreads args out as positional arguments to f: function f(x, y, z) { } var md Update 2 years ago gulpfile.js Add files via upload 2 years ago package.json Add files via upload 2 years ago ES6-ES5 How to run? npm install gulp I believe, this feature, of compiling js files from ES6 to ES5, was not part of tsc compiler. Has this been added in the new TS versions?? I tried looking into the changes in tsc but did Table of Contents The Challenge Requirement Goals for this Challenge Resources Community Solution The Challenge In this challenge, we are required to re-write simple ES5 code to ES6. This Refactor es5 functions to es6 arrow functions share Mike Sherov JavaScript In this lesson we'll learn how to refactor es5 functions into es6 arrow functions to decrease visual noise in our Raw proxies-es5.js // ----- The ECMAScript 6 meta object protocol (MOP) implemented in ES5 // Output: // get foo // 123 Raw proxies-es6.js let handler = { get ( target , propKey Equivalent of set in ES6 to ES5 Ask Question 2 I have a set over which I am iterating in ES6. I am trying to convert it to its equivalent in ES5. My build is getting failed because of ES6.

[React] different grammar between ES5 and ES6 April 08, 2018 | 0 Minute Read This post is focused on my React.js study ES5 const name =’Jin’; const user = { name : name, }; ES6 const bloodyowl/.js Created Sep 7, 2015 Star 1 Fork 0 Code Revisions 1 Stars 1 Embed Download ZIP ES6 vs ES5 Raw .js const f = ({ foo = " foo " , bar = " bar " } = {}, args ) => ({ foo

Loading1 Loading1 Run Save Transform Settings Commands save code Ctrl+S run Ctrl+Enter transform Ctrl+B Compiler Babel (6) Babel (5) Traceur TypeScript Regenerator Prepack Presets help es2015 es2016 es2017 react stage-0 stage-1 stage-2 stage-3 ES6 ES5 Console `Welcome to the interactive ES6 console

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In this video we will look at some of the object oriented programming concepts in JavaScript including... Object Literals Constructors & This Prototypes ...

Compiling ES6 to ES5 Polymer 2.x and native 2.x class-style elements are written using the next generation of the JavaScript standard, EcmaScript 2015 (more commonly known as ES6). ES6 is React can be written perfectly well in either ES5 or ES6. Using JSX means that you’ll need a “build” step already, where Babel transpiles the JSX into React.createElement calls. Many ES5 to ES6 with Lebab By David Walsh on December 28, 2016 3 We all love the goodies that come with ES6, many of them which you can see in Six Tiny But Awesome ES6 Features and Six More Tiny Sign up WIP - ES6 Equivalents In ES5 60 commits 1 branch 0 releases Fetching contributors Branch: master New pull request Find File Clone or download benignbemine and addyosmani Correct Account Suspended This Account has been suspended. Contact your hosting provider for more information.

1 3 years ago es5-sham.js [Dev Deps] update `eslint`, `@ljharb/eslint-config`, `semver` a year ago v4.5.10 a year ago es5-sham.min.js v4.5.11 7 months ago es5-shim.js [Fix] Webpack not converting ES6 to ES5 Ask Question 29 5 I'm very new to Webpack. I think I'm doing it incorrectly. I would like to convert an ES6 function to ES5 function using babel. So I did

es6ify browserify >=v2 transform to compile (ES6) to JavaScript.current (ES5) on the fly. browserify({ debug: true }) .add(es6ify.runtime) .transform(es6ify) .require Also you can run a compiled es5 version node build/es5/es6toes5 . The errors (if any) will go to stderr, the transpiled source to stdout, so redirect it like es6toes5 file.js > output.js.

4 years ago bower.json v0.9.5 4 years ago package.json v0.9.5 4 years ago es6-class Compiles JavaScript written using ES6 classes to use ES5-compatible function syntax. For Sign up browserify >=v2 transform to compile (ES6) to JavaScript.current (ES5) on the fly. 117 commits 4 branches 23 releases Fetching Sign up ES6 spread compiled to ES5. 32 commits 1 branch 11 releases Fetching contributors View license JavaScript 100.0% Branch: master Find File Clone or download eventualbuddha v0.2.2 Compilers/polyfills Desktop browsers Servers/runtimes Mobile Feature name Current browser Traceur Babel + core-js [2] Closure Type- Script + core-js es6-shim Konq 4.14[3] IE 11 Edge 15 Edge